Registration Instructions for SHIFT 2008

Participants who register for SHIFT 2008 attend the one-week institute from June 16–20th and receive professional development inservice points (as well as CEUs). To register for this option, click here. Once you have finished registering on-line, you're done. The Division of Conferences will send you a receipt and we will contact you with a schedule and other information.

If you wish to take SHIFT for graduate credit at UF, you must register BOTH for the one-week institute (by following the link in the previous paragraph) AND for EDG 6931: Teaching Holocaust during Summer-B. Before registering for the for-credit course, you must first contact Dr. Linda Lamme at who will tell you about the course schedule. Keep in mind that you must register for EDG 6931 during the normal registration period or you will have to go through the add/drop process. You may not register for EDG 6931 without registering for SHIFT through the link in the first paragraph.

If you wish to take SHIFT for graduate credit and are not already a UF student, you must first be admitted to UF. You can register as a non-degree seeking student by obtaining the application form at the ISIS Registrar's site. Don't do this until you have talked with Dr. Lamme first.

The Summer Holocaust Institute for Florida Teachers

June 16–20, 2008

The Summer Holocaust Institute for Florida Teachers (SHIFT) is designed to enable classroom teachers to effectively incorporate the Holocaust into their teaching. SHIFT will: Provide participants with a background on the history of the Holocaust as well as its aftermath; help teachers present sensitive and potentially disturbing material to students; familiarize teachers with the vast number of resource materials (books, films, Web sites, etc.) available on the Holocaust; instruct teachers on designing and implementing curriculum and lesson plans that place the Holocaust in the context of tolerance, multiculturalism, morality and civic education; show teachers how to make the Holocaust relevant to the lives of their students.


SHIFT features lectures and workshops presented by leading experts and top scholars from UF's Center for Jewish Studies, Department of History and College of Education. Participants also visit the Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg which is one of the largest Holocaust museums in the country and contains an actual railroad boxcar that was used to transport prisoners. In addition, participants meet with Holocaust survivors. SHIFT workshops present material related to the Sunshine State Standards and the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test as well as provide teachers with the opportunity to interact with a variety of professional educators from throughout Florida.


Professor Geoffrey Giles teaches on the Holocaust and modern Germany in the Department of History at the University of Florida. He has led several traveling seminars for faculty and graduate students to important sites of the Holocaust and Jewish culture in Western Europe. In 2000-2001 he served as the senior fellow in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies.
Linda Leonard Lamme is a professor in the School of Teaching and Learning at the University of Florida where she teaches courses in children's literature. One of her specializations is Holocaust literature for children. She works frequently with teachers on selecting recently published quality literature, analyzing children's responses to literature, providing literature throughout the curriculum, and developing home reading programs.





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