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Slavic Literatures and Literary Theory, German Philosophy, Theories and Histories of Modernity, Film and Media Studies, post-colonial, post-national and geopolitical studies, French Philosophy and American Literary Theory.


Dragan Kujundzic is Professor of Germanic and Slavic Studies, and Film and Media Studies. He has numerous publications on South-Slavic literatures and cultures, Russian literature and culture from the eighteenth to twenty-first century, South Slavic, Russian and Polish cinema, German philosophy, French and American philosophy as well as literary theory. His edited volumes include books and special editions of journals on the work of Mikhail Bakhtin, Jacques Derrida, Walter Benjamin, and J. Hillis Miller. His essays and books have been published in over fifteen countries in Czech, Polish, Russian, German, French, Serbian-Croatian and Slovenian, among others. He is currently working on his fourth monograph book titled Empire, Glocalization, and the Melancholia of the Sovereign, and is editing a volume on Race, Deconstruction and Critical Theory.


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Provocations to Reading: J. Hillis Miller and the Democracy to Come

Provocations to ReadingEdited by Barbara Cohen and Dragan Kujundzic, Introduction by Dragan Kujundzic. New York: Fordham University Press, 2005. Literature/Philosophy/Religion

This book is a marker of the "state of theory" today. Its rich array of wide-ranging essays explores the dimensions and implications of the work of J. Hillis Miller, one of the most eminent literary scholars in America. For nearly half a century, Miller has been known for his close and imaginative engagement with the implications of European philosophical thought and for his passionate advocacy of close reading.

Building on this intellectual legacy, the contributors instantiate and extend the practice and ethics of sustained close reading that is Miller's hallmark. The book culminates in a moving piece by Jacques Derrida, Miller's close friend of forty years, who engages Miller's readings of Gerard Manley Hopkins in a historical encounter between French philosophy and American reading practices.

A provocation to reading for new generations of students and teachers, these essays offer important resources for grasping the question of language in historical perspective and in contemporary life—a task essential for any democratic future.

It is a thankless, not to say impossible, task to provide a single volume of work on J. Hillis Miller, so broad are his interests, so wide-sweeping the challenges and, often, changes to the academy occasioned by his work. The present volume meets this task with intelligence, sympathy, insight, and, what is rare in such edited volumes, a cohort of critics whose voices provide a community of discourse that eloquently weaves and unfolds its traces throughout the many-layered aspects of Miller's vast body of work. Particularly moving is the wonderful essay by Jacques Derrida, which eloquently addresses both Miller and Miller's reading of Gerard Manley Hopkins, among his earliest published material. Exemplary, and of the highest quality throughout.
—Julian Wolfreys, University of Florida.

Contributors are: Thomas Cohen, Jacques Derrida, Alexander Gelley,
Peggy Kamuf, Juliet Flower MacCannell, J. Hillis Miller, Glenn Odom,
Donald Pease, Marc Redfield, Dan Shen, Henry Sussman, Larisa
Tokmakoff-Castillo and Jennifer Williams

Barbara Cohen is Director of the HumaniTech Institute at the
University of California, Irvine and co-editor of Paul de Man and the
Afterlife of Theory.

Dragan Kujundzic is Professor, Department of Germanic and
Slavic Studies, University of Florida, Gainesville. Among his
publications is The Returns of History: Russian Nietzscheans after

J. Hillis Miller is Doctor Honoris Causa at the University of
Florida, Gainesville, and the recipient of the Modern Language
Association Lifetime Achievement Award, to be presented to him at the
MLA Convention in Washington, DC in December, 2005.


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