"The 11th Annual Gainesville Latino Film Festival and the Center for Jewish Studies are pleased to bring you "Mr. Kaplan" directed by Álvaro Brechner. The film will be shown on Thursday, September 17, 7pm at the The Hippodrome State Theatre.
Having fled Poland for South America during WWII, curmudgeonly Jacob Kaplan (award-winning Chilean actor Héctor Noguera) is passing his sunset years in Montevideo with his wife of 50 years, Rebecca (Nidia Telles). With his family lost in the war, he begins to take stock of his own unfulfilled life, and finds himself fed up with the local Jewish community’s disinterest in their heritage. Intent on creating a legacy, Kaplan fancies himself a Nazi hunter, targeting the reclusive German owner of a seafront restaurant (Rolf Becker), whom, based on the flimsiest of evidence, he suspects of being a war criminal. Joining the quixotic quest for justice is Kaplan’s hapless chauffeur Contreras (Nestor Guzzini), a disgraced ex-cop who also has something to prove. A bumbling investigation ensues, with hilarious and surprising results that will leave audiences contemplating nothing less than the meaning of life.

"Max Liebermann: Modern Art, Modern Germany, Modern Jew" a talk by Marion Deshmukh, George Mason University. Thursday, October 22 in the Chandler Auditorium, Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art. Time TBA.
Max Liebermann (1847-1935) is considered Germany's premier impressionist painter. He both observed and participated in key historic events from Imperial Germany's founding in 1870-71 to the Nazi dictatorship. His artistic talent, his leadership of alternative artists' associations, his presidency of the Prussian Academy of Art during the 1920s, his cosmopolitanism, liberalism and Judaism all fostered strong support among his admirers and intense antipathies among his opponents. This illustrated talk will describe his critical cultural importance for Germany for over seven decades

Marion Deshmukh is the Robert T. Hawkes Professor Emeritus of History at George Mason University. She is co-editor of Co-editor of Max Liebermann and International Modernism: An Artist's Career from Empire to Third Reich (2011) and author of Max Liebermann: Modern Art and Modern Germany (2015).

  • Made possible through the Norman & Irma Braman Chair in Holocaust Studies and the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art.

A talk by Joshua Teplitsky on Monday, October 26, 2015. More info TBA.

A talk by Ken Treister on Tuesday, October 27, 2015. More info TBA.

A talk by Michael Brenner on November 3-4, 2015. More info TBA.

Annual Concert on January 27 & 28, 2016. More info TBA.

A talk by Sara Lipton on Tuesday, February 9, 2016. More info TBA.

A talk by Waxman Lecture on Monday, February 15, 2016. More info TBA.

"Boundaries and Transgressions: A Transnational Conference on Jews and Muslims" begins March 8-9, 2016. More info TBA.

6th Annual Gainesville Jewish Film Festival March 13-22, 2016. More info TBA.

All events are Free and open to the public.

With appreciation...These programs are made possible by our sponsors, Schram Memorial Endowment, Melton Jewish Studies Endowment, Gerson Lecture Series, Breier Visiting Fellowship, Kahn Visiting Scholar Fund, Gerson Visiting Professor Fund, Futernick Professorship Fund, and Jewish Council of North Central Florida.

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