"The German Doctor", a film by Luica Puenzo Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 7pm, the Thomas Center (302 NE 6th Avenue). This screening is presented by the 12th Gainesville Latino Film Festival. Introduction and Q&A by Dr. Norman J.W. Goda.
Eva (Natalia Oreiro) and Enzo (Diego Peretti) are preparing to open a cozy lakeside hotel in a remote Patagonia town when the family first encounters the charismatic doctor (a chilling performance by Àlex Brendemühl) along a long desert road. With mother Eva pregnant with twins, and her diminutive 12-year-old daughter (captivating newcomer Florencia Bado) mercilessly teased about her stunted size, the family represents more than a passing interest for the nefarious doctor. Unaware of the danger, they accept him into their home, until a local archivist and photographer (Elena Roger) suspects the town of German immigrants is harboring one of the world’s most infamous war criminals.

"How to Win Enemies", a film by Gabriel Lichtmann Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 7pm, The Wooly (25 SE 2nd Place). This screening is presented by the 12th Gainesville Latino Film Festival. Introduction and Q&A by Dr. Emily Hind.
When a shy young Jewish lawyer obsessed with crime novels turns a chance encounter with a beautiful woman into a date ending in his bed, it all seems too good to be true. But things aren’t always what they seem, for as soon as he wakes up he finds his financial savings, and the beautiful woman, gone. Inspired by his favorite detective novels, he is convinced he was set up and begins to look for clues like one of his gumshoe heroes in his beloved books. As he pieces together the puzzle of the grand theft, he realizes that his closest allies may be his biggest enemies. What began as a love story becomes the caper to end all capers in this sexy crowd-pleasing comedy set against the background of Buenos Aires.

  • Co-sponsored by the Latina Women’s League and the Center for Jewish Studies. Made possible through the Gary Gerson Lecture Series in Jewish Studies.
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Workshop on Hebrew Culture and Theory, September 24-26, 2016.

"Yiddish on the Battlefields of Spain" a talk by Jack Kugelmass, Wednesday, September 28th at 11:30, at 3312 Turlington Hall in the Center for European Studies conference room. Lunch will be served,

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All events are Free and open to the public unless noted otherwise.

With appreciation...These programs are made possible by our sponsors, Schram Memorial Endowment, Melton Jewish Studies Endowment, Gerson Lecture Series, Breier Visiting Fellowship, Kahn Visiting Scholar Fund, Gerson Visiting Professor Fund, Futernick Professorship Fund, and Jewish Council of North Central Florida.

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